Designer Toys for the Deserving Dog
Toys for that annoying neighborhood bark machine. Give him the fun he deserves.

The Oddjob Frisbee
Rover will be shaken and stirred when he tries to catch this whirling dervish in his feces-encrusted fangs. Steel, reusable.
The Barnyard Dog Fetch Stick
"Fetch, Ah say, fetch the stick, boy!" Put on your best Foghorn Leghorn voice, and send the neighborhood nuisance to that great barnyard in the sky. Ages six and up.
Mr. T's Ultimate Squeak Toy
Muttley will go out of his mind (and vice versa) when he bites into his new toy. One big squeak for him, years of peace and quiet for you. Don't pity da fool.
Looks just like the "people food" he loves to steal off your plate when you're not looking. Let him.
The Starkweather Tug Toy
Dogs love to play tug-of-war, and so will you with this specially designed tug-of-war toy. One end is tailored for a human hand grip, and the other is just the right size for Fido to chomp down on. When you've had enough, just squeeze the "game over" button. Comes with three #00 chew loads.
Originally developed for the toy poodle, this canine carnival ride is suitable for all small YappyDogs�. Put Fifi or Pancho on the carousel, close the door, and start the ride. Wipes clean with a damp cloth.

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