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The Atlanta Constitution
August 5, 1873
Page 3

Alligator in the Heart of the City -- Great Commotion.

Although Atlanta is situated about 1100 feet above the level of the sea, and has neither the climate of Florida or the waters of the Nile, yet, to-day she is convulsed from "center to circumference," by the fact that a live alligator is "circulating around" in the very heart of the city.

It is said to float at ease in the sewer running from the American Hotel down by the residence of Postmaster Denning. At night it is said his deep bass voice can be heard making the welkin ring, and little negro children shake with terror, for every now and then if one gets out of sight, it is generally believed that his alligatorship has had a good meal.

Like the sea-serpent, the length of his alligatorship is variously stated from six to ten feet.

That such a dreadful monster should make his incursions into the heart of a city like Atlanta, is passing strange. How it came there and how it exists, is a conundrum we can't now answer. It is supposed he escaped a museum. But until the animal is captured and brought before the Recorder for trial for "high crimes and misdemeanors," we would advise parents to keep children away from the branch, and married men to stay at home at nights.

(Thanks to Sewerfriend Bonnie Taylor-Blake for this item.)