The Dallas Morning News
Ocotober 12, 1886
Page 8


He is Dispatched by School Boys -- Trying to Reconstruct It.

Yesterday a bevy of festive school boys while leap-frogging on Pacific avenue had their attention attracted to a deformity by a negro, who was wondering "what dat insect is." In the language of Josh Billings it was an "ornory cus," being no less than an alligator without a tail that had come out of an open sewer for the change of air, and perhaps at the hope of licking up a baby. The boys treated the poor saurian to the dues of a blasphemer under the old law -- stoned it to death, and then, like the undaunted knight, they went on their way rejoicing, the largest of them packing the dead alligator under his arm by the way of a trophy. This is the same alligator that made its first appearance on Pacific avenue about ten days ago, and which caused so much conjecture at the time as to how it managed to get so far away from high water. Some there were who went so far as to say, basing their belief on the quality of the Trinity water, that he, she or it had been spawned from a hydrant, but, judging from the dimensions of the beast -- three feet six inches -- this, as Alderman Loeb would say, was very improbable. On the occasion of its first appearance aforesaid the animal was discovered by Mr. Levi Dawkins, the mail agent, at 10 o'clock at night close by his gate. He shooed it, it got its back up, and an ax being procured him he chopped its tail off, which was cruel on the part of the mail agent, if the legend is to be believed that in ancient times the Egyptian carried the mail down the Nile on the back of a crocodile, the alligator's stepbrother. To trace this alligator, if possible to his original retreat, a News reporter proceeded to Mayer's Garden, which is the only suaurian nursery in the city.

"Lost any of your alligators?" he queried of a fair haired young man, consecrated to dishing out lager beer.

"Ya; where he is?"

"The boys have just killed him on Pacific avenue; he is cut in two."

"I go and get the pieces and put them together and we puts him the fountain in."

"No use; his tail was cut off two weeks ago."

"Himel, vell an allegator tail be no spoil," and the young man with the blond mustache started off to reconstructed and resurrect his alligator, with what result may be imagined.

(Thanks to Sewerfriend Bonnie Taylor-Blake for this item.)